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Allicor 20% Off For June

Posted By Dr. Michael Polsinelli, DC On June 1, 2019 @ 9:06 am In ,Health,Nutrition,Practice Announcement | No Comments

Do a search for garlic and cholesterol reduction in the research literature and you will find Allicor keeps coming up. Most of the successful research on garlic in the reduction of cholesterol and the prevention of heart disease is based on this product. Allicor is prepared without heat, and is enteric coated and is timed release. The box recommends 1-1x/ day or 1-2x/day. There is one article that did research on 600mg/day (2-2x/day).

From the manufacturer: Garlic solids contained in the product is prepared in a manner which ensures maximum original substances of fresh garlic. The active substances contained in the raw garlic are lost during the cooking process modifications, particularly on cooking. Tablets are coated ALLICORU fine film which resists gastric environment and allows the release of active substances to the small intestine. The team is sensitive protected the gastric mucosa, avoiding a garlicky smell of exhaled air.

For the month of June, Allicor is 20% off!

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