• Initial Exam $130
  • Initial X-Rays $200
  • First Adjustment with Post X-Rays $300
  • Office Visit with Adjustment or Other Services $75
  • Reactivation Exam with Adjustment (After 1 Year) $150

  •  Initial  Nutritional Testing (for yeast, mold, parasites and bacteria) $175.  Read more on dysbiosis.
  • 3rd Week in Depth Follow Up $150
  • Follow Up Nutritional Testing (Same As Office Visit: $75)
  • Combination Chiropractic and Nutrition Visit: $110

  •  Massage Therapy $75.60 including tax for 1 hour 15 minutes

*24 hours notice needed otherwise fees may apply.

The fee for the initial exam is $130. If at the end of the exam, Dr. Michael believes that he can help he will recommend initial x-rays which cost $200.

We will bill your insurance for you. If you have out of network chiropractic coverage there will be some reimbursement available. If you have original medicare or a third party advantage medicare plan, there may be some small coverage. Set up a consultation and we will call find out your benefits for you.

Please ask us about care plans that can save you money and/or assist with budgeting for the care you need to reach your health goals.

If it has been over a year since Dr Michael has seen a patient, another is needed for re-activation.

Getting Started

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