Medical doctors who don’t push vaccinations

I periodically get requests for medical doctors that don’t push for vaccinations. Recently, a patient of mine (who is a new mom) was bullied and lied to by her pediatrician until she consented to having her newborn inoculated. After this incident she did some research and found this website, where she found a new doctor and is very happy with him.

One doctor, who is not yet on the website (I just submitted her) is Sherri Tenpenny, D.O.  We use her and think she is very good. She has been critical of vaccines for years and is a great resource. Not all of the doctors on the website are anti-vaccine, just that they respect patients decisions.

From the website:What It Takes To Make Our List:

* Doctor must not kick patients out of their practice or refuse patients who choose not to vaccinate, selectively vaccinate, or delay vaccination.

* Doctor must not make parents sign waivers that are worded so as to incriminate parents for “putting their child at risk”.

* Doctor must not harass parents every time they have a checkup or harass them through the mail about vaccinations.

* Doctor must not belittle parents for their decisions or bully them with scare tactics, they must respect a parent for their choices.


Anti-Vaccine Friendly Doctors

Update 1-17-2014: These links seem to be broken. Here is an archive of the list.

Also check out the lists linked here:

NEW List of Vaccine Friendly Doctors State By State



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