Product of the Month: Ubiquinol 20% off

For 2010, I’ve decided to highlight different products each month.

Ubiquinol is the activated form of Co-enzyme Q-10.  Supplementing with it is much more effective at raising blood CoQ10 levels than supplementing with CoQ10.

CoQ10 and Ubiquinol is an essential nutrient and antioxident needed for the electron transport chain. The electron transport chain and Kreb’s cycle is our bodies biochemical process to make energy (in the form of the molecule ATP). Ubiquinol and CoQ10 increases energy production (gives us more energy) and allows our cells to function better.

It is needed for proper heart function, and low levels are linked to type 2 diabetes, and liver diseases.

Cholesterol medications block Co-Q-10 and Ubiquinol function.

Because of it’s role in so many metabolic pathways, CoQ10 has been one of the top 5 products that I have sold. One 50 mg capsule of Ubiquinol per day is 5x more potent than the two 30mg capsules of CoQ10 (Co10 by Thorne) that I used to recommend.


Ideally, our bodies will produce it’s own Co-Q-10, however, production declines with age. Co-Q-10 (and Ubiquinol) is found in foods, but the most concentrated form (one pound of beef heart) will only produce 50mg of it.

For the month of January, all Ubiquinol is 20% off.


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