Vita and I were in a car accident last night.

We were hit from the side by a car going through a red light. I’m feeling pretty beat up today and I’m afraid that Vita is doing worse. This is the second accident in a week for her. As a result, I need to reprioritize some things with my practice. My commitment is to my regular patients and I will not be taking any new patients or consults until after the new year. I also can not let the care that I give interfere with my own recovery. I will need to shift from seeing 3-4 patients an hour to 2-3. I will need to do some instrument adjusting with some people. If you haven’t received it is feels like a light tapping behind the ear. For some it is more gentle than the hand adjustments. I am committed to quality care, but please bear with us as we get back to 100%. Finally, Jordan is taking care of both of us and handling lots at home and at work. She will need to cancel with some patients with her massages.

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I really enjoy my work. It is a combination of listening, analyzing, and the skill of performing my craft. I love the expression on my patients faces when I puzzle out a long standing problem of theirs, or when their pain leaves after gently adjusting them. Read more about me

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