Why Jordan and I Left Town – An Upheaval in Vita’s Life

Update 6-25-21: While Will is still at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, he is making progress. He is mastering his new joystick wheelchair using his shoulder and right biceps muscle, he is also able to use voice commands with his phone to text and make calls. The next two years will be critical in how far he will be able to recover. His mood (and Vita’s) is positive. They are both thankful for everyone’s support. 

Update 6-4-21: Will is off the respirator during the daytime and is able to talk fully. After passing his swallowing and cough tests, he has been able to start on soft foods this week. Yesterday, he was able to get his phone updated to voice commands so that he is able to call and text with friends. Vita says that he is appreciative of all of the support he’s received. The Boston Indie/Punk/Folk music scene made a benefit album for him. You can hear/purchase it here: Benefit for Bueno : friends playing songs for a friend. Many of the songs are covers of songs by his old band The Old Edison. If rowdy acoustic punk or hoodfolk isn’t your cup of tea, you can donate directly here.

Update 5-28-21: Will was moved to Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital this week. They are working him hard with physical, occupational, and speech therapy. He was able to talk some and was off the ventilator for 10 hours today.

Update 5-21-21: Will was moved out of the ICU on Thursday. He is waiting for a bed to open up at the Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital that specializes in spinal trauma. This is where the real work starts. In the coming weeks, we hope to get an idea of what he will need to live independently. His sister wrote an update here.

Update 5-14-21: While Will is still in the ICU, his doctors are hopeful that he will be able to be moved to a rehab unit this week. Vita says thank you again to all who have donated, sent well wishes, and prayers. Jordan actually stayed, but is expected to return tomorrow.

Update 5-7-2021, Vita says thank you to all you have donated. Will is still in the ICU. Jordan is planning on returning Wednesday, May 12.

As some of you know, I canceled patients this past Monday and Jordan canceled all of her clients this week. The reason for this is that we went to Boston to give emotional support to our daughter, Vita. Many of you know her, growing up she would be around the office, and for a period of time, she was our office manager. 

This past Friday, her boyfriend’s work called and asked where he was. Will hadn’t shown up to work that day. She started to freak out when he wouldn’t answer his phone or respond to her texts. Finally, she was able to find out from Will’s sister that he had been in a major car accident the night before. 

Vita and Will have been seeing each other for a little over a year now. He’s been kind to her and a good companion. He made her laugh. Vita would send pictures of amazing meals he would make for her. Other passions of his include music and guitar. Things were getting serious between them and they were planning on moving in together. 

Thursday night, after work, Will got a ride home. He works in a restaurant and it was late. We don’t know what happened, but the driver hit a parked car, throwing Will forward. He fractured several vertebrae. He was taken to the hospital and underwent emergency spinal surgery, where they fused segments of his spine. 

While we don’t know the long-term prognosis and his chance of recovery, at this moment – five days after his injury, he is still in the ICU. At the minimum, he is looking at months of recovery. 

A previous co-worker started a GoFundMe page for Will. They put a goal for $50,000, which should be met soon. I don’t see that as being enough. This was a life-altering event for a sweet young man. 

If you can help Will out with any donation, here is the page: 

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