Covid-19 Mini Updated for July 30, 2021: 

From July 1-July 7, we had 82 cases in Cuyahoga County that week. This past week (July 22-28) we had 476 new cases. This is an increase of 592% within the month. It is clear that while vaccines prevent hospitalizations, it is not preventing people from getting sick and spreading the virus. This is because people sick with the Delta variant are releasing 1,000 times as many viral particles as the original variant. To be clear, we are averaging “only” 68 new cases per day in the county. This is significantly less than the over 1,000/day average that we had last December. At the rate we are going, we could get there in October. So don’t panic, be safe, smart, and wear a mask when going grocery shopping.  : )

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