Covid Mini Update for 1-7-2022

Cases continue to decrease in Cuyahoga county. Last week we had 11327 new cases, down from 14225 the week before. Again, I do these counts from Thursday to Wednesday to get the most recent data. This is down from the all-time high of 22757 that we saw from December 16-22. Unfortunately, in the counties surrounding Cuyahoga, cases are still increasing. According to the New York Times, all of the counties bordering on Cuyahoga are seeing double digits increases.

Recently, the CDC updated its quarantine and isolation guidelines. They base their recommendation on the fact that most transmission occurs 1-2 days before the start of symptoms to 2-3 days after symptoms. They are recommending isolation for five days for people without symptoms, or who have symptoms resolving (without fever for 24 hours). For five days after isolation, they are recommending wearing a high-quality mask for the next five days.

The best masks are the N95 masks that attach around the head. We have these for sale for anyone who needs them.

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