How I Discovered Cryotherapy

by  Anne Stolfer
(Dr. Michael’s note: We will be having Anne here doing cryotherapy on the second Monday of each month. )

I was first introduced to cryotherapy in 2017. It all began when I was faced with the recommendation of surgery my wrist fracture. Deciding not to have surgery, I began researching other options which led me to cryotherapy, also known as cold therapy. This method of healing helped me get well without any surgery. I knew right away that this was something I wanted to share with other people…

I found that using cryotherapy helped by reducing the inflammation and improving blood circulation to quickly heal the injury. The cold causes the blood vessels to constrict, flushing toxins from the tissue. As the area warms up after treatment, fresh oxygenated blood returns to the area aiding the healing process and toning the tissues. With injuries, this can cut the recovery time in half. 

While my primary focus is pain, headaches, and injuries, I also do cryotherapy facials to lighten wrinkles and fine lines on the face by reducing inflammation and hydrate the skin. 

Research shows that cryotherapy is also helpful in weight loss. For the best results, I’ve found that it’s best to combine it with a low carb diet. 

Through my research, I decided to invest in the Cryo 2.0 machine, a powerful tabletop unit that is able to deliver cryotherapy that is significantly colder than ice. With it, I’m able to pinpoint treatment to the areas of inflammation. These non-invasive sessions are 10-20 minutes in length. The 10-minute session will continue to improve over the next 24 hours, while the 20-minute session will keep improving for 24-48 hours after treatment. 

With such a short treatment window, many of my clients schedule visits during a lunch break. Relief can be felt immediately, but it is recommended to target specific areas between 3-5 times for the best results. It also helps to combine this with diet, nutrition, and a healthy lifestyle.

To schedule a cryotherapy session with Anne at our office, call us at 440-461-9774 or you can reach her directly at 440-427-4499. 

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