I Will Be Available During “Stay At Home” Order: Covid-19 update

On Sunday, March 22, the Director for the Ohio Department of Health, Dr. Amy Acton, issued a mandatory Stay At Home Order. This order will go into effect at 11:59 PM on  Monday, March 23rd. It instructs residents to basically stay home until Monday, April 6. All non-essential businesses will be closed during that time. Essential businesses like grocery stores, pharmacies, hardware stores, restaurants for takeout, gas stations, auto repair shops, laundromats, dry cleaners, and medical offices will stay open. I will stay open for the duration of the order (conditionally on our own good health). 

Outdoor activities are permitted, along with going to public parks (playgrounds will be closed and off-limits). Also permitted is seeing a doctor, taking care of a neighbor, child, or parent, and shopping for groceries and essentials. Use common sense to protect yourselves

I truly believe the nutritional and chiropractic care that I offer can have a profound effect on our health and immune system. We have worked hard to set up systems to minimize the risk to patients. That said, we are here to support you in your health decisions. 

  • I will be available for phone consultations for nutrition or movement/exercise recommendations. The fee will be $40 for 20 minutes. 
  • I am available by email at https://spinalalignment.com/contact/
  • We will waive the 24-hour cancelation notice fee. Please give us as much time as possible to let us know that you will cancel. You must still call us to cancel.
  • I will be altering my ideal world recommendations to patients to reflect the realities of Covid-19. 

As I have said before: 

  •  If you need supplements we can ship them to you. Free shipping on all orders. If you need something in a hurry, you can upgrade to priority shipping for $2.99. Orders that are more than $100 or 1 pound will be shipped by priority mail at no extra charge. You can also pay ahead of time and we can walk them out to you in your car.

If you are sick, have a fever above 99.6 F, and you would like to still speak to me, let us know so that we can switch you to a phone appointment. Please don’t come in at this time. 

For older patients, as well as those with serious health issues, it is even more important to weigh the risks and benefits of leaving your home. We are here to support you in your decision. 

Yours in health, 

Dr. Michael

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