Masks No Longer Required

Our office is dropping our masking requirement on Monday, April 24th. We will continue our intensive air cleansing practices, including using our nine air purifiers and our antiviral air misting and wiping down treatment rooms before every session.

We will happily continue to wear masks during sessions for any patient that requests them. Immunocompromised clientele may wait in a separate room if desired.

We are committed to supporting the health of all of our clients through these practices and by continuing to ask any sick people to reschedule rather than come in sick. We ask that healthy people mask if they have been exposed to sick people.

The Cleveland Clinic and University Hospital have recently modified their masking practices, at least during summer. While University Hospitals continue to require masking in waiting areas and treatment rooms, the Clinic has made it optional. COVID cases continue to decrease and hospitalizations have dropped significantly. Treatments to reduce the severity of the illness are now readily available. These factors led us to follow the Clinic’s lead and change our masking requirements.

That being said, we understand there are still risks to dropping masking requirements, and we will continue to evaluate our decision and make adjustments. We intend to support everyone in their health journey.

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