MT Supreme For Fatigue, Brain Fog, Mood, Depression, and Detoxification 30% off for July

MT Supreme is a combination herbal remedy that helps with the detoxification of heavy metals. Heavy metals can create havoc with our health causing fatigue, brain fog, outbursts of anger, and depression. Most supplements that work that help with detoxification are either physical detoxifiers that physically binds to the toxins for removal (like fiber products or Takesumi – Bamboo Charcoal) or chemically binding with the chemical/metal like with chelation.

MT Supreme works by stimulating the production of Metallothionein in the body. Metallothionein (MT) is a protein that chemically binds with metals and other chemicals to increase the detoxification process. It can help with not only detoxification but also clearing the mind and calming the spirit. MT Supreme also carries herbs that are anti-inflammatory, help with back pain, sexual dysfunction, nausea, stomach disorders, flatulence, stress and insomnia. For the month of July, MT Supreme is 30% off.

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