Plastics (again!): Lining in aluminum and steel water bottles contain BPA

Ok, I really missed on this one. Evidently the insidesgaiam.jpg of steel and aluminum water bottles contain a plastic liner. I should of guessed, since I did write about canned foods (see Plastic in a Can) over a year and a half ago.  Many of us switched to aluminum and steel bottles in order to avoid plastic to begin with. To make matters worse, two companies have now admitted that their bottles that were advertised as not containing Bisphenol-A (BPA) actually have it in it.

A month ago (I missed this), it came out that SIGG,  the 100 year old Swiss bottle manufacturer, used a plastic lining containing BPA, after marketing as a safe alternative to BPA containing bottles (read this article for a good background). Now, it turns out the Gaiam BPA-free bottles are even worse.

The best is to stick to glass, after that, I still hesitantly recommend plastic that is labeled number 1 or 2, they don’t have BPA. Don’t use them for too long, and don’t heat or microwave them.

Sorry for any misinformation that I gave out previously.

Another article: Bottle Rocket: SIGG Faces Class Action Suit

bpa in water bottles

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