Still Craving Sweets? Ultrachrome and Vanaxyl 20% off for May

When you crave sweets, many times it is a mineral deficiency. The top mineral that I see is chromium and the second is vanadium. So many of my patients tell me that these products work like a charm in curbing that sweet tooth. The chromium that I use works much better than chromium picolinate:

From Thorne’s website:

UltraChrome is Thorne’s patented chromium product, consisting of chromium arginate and chromium 4-oxopyridine, 2,6-dicarboxylate. Compared to other chromium compounds, including chromium picolinate, this combination of chromium chelates appears to have the highest bioavailability.*

In an in vitro study testing glucose uptake by adipocytes, chromium 4-oxopyridine, 2,6-dicarboxylate was shown to have the highest tissue levels and biopotency.* Chromium arginate was the most effective at enhancing the action of insulin at the cellular level.*

Chromium is an essential nutrient for human life and is widely distributed in small quantities in food; however, the refining of flour and sugar has depleted chromium levels in many foods. Metabolic stress, strenuous exercise, and pregnancy can all increase chromium needs.* Studies suggest adequate chromium intake supports already normal blood glucose levels, insulin sensitivity, and sperm count.*

Vanadium will show about 20-30% of the time. Here is what the manufacturer states:

Vanadium is essential for healthy bones, teeth, and cartilage.* When in the form of vanadyl sulfate it has been found to help maintain already normal blood sugar levels by decreasing insulin receptor resistance.*

Both animal and human studies point to the potential of vanadyl sulfate for supporting already normal glucose metabolism.* Vanadium also appears to increase deposition of glycogen (storage sugar) in the liver and inhibit the formation of new glucose from protein.*

Vanadium can accumulate in bone, where it plays a role in building bone, thus having a positive impact on bone health.*

Michael Lebowitz, DC states:

Vanadium in this form has been shown to be capable of mimicking most of the effects of insulin, including lowering blood sugar levels. It also appears to stimulate the activity of bone mineralization-promoting osteoblasts. In some patients, vanadyl sulfate decreases the liver’s synthesis of cholesterol. Deficiency of this mineral has been associated with depressed growth, abnormal bone development, heart disease, and cancer.

Ultrachrome-200 and Vanaxyl-5 are on sale for 20% off during the month of May.



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