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This is a new product from Supreme Nutrition. It great for people under lots of stress/adrenal fatigue. It is also used for normalizing cholesterol, blood sugar issues, high uric acid (kidney stones), mood stabilizer and inflammation. It is also used as an anti-microbial.

From the manufacturer:

Tulsi Supreme™ is the powdered herb Ocimum sanctum, also known as holy basil. It is indigenous to India and southeast Asia. This herb has been cultivated in India for approximately 5000 years and has been one of the most revered herbs used for physical, emotional and spiritual balance and healing. In general it has many uses: it is a very potent adaptogen that helps fight stress (including stresses like noise pollution, along with physical and emotional stress) and is one of the best adrenal supports available (animal studies show it can lower elevated cortisol levels). It helps normalize blood sugar and cholesterol (increases HDL while decreasing total cholesterol, LDL, and triglycerides when needed), is a broad spectrum antimicrobial (contains eugenol which is also an antimicrobial that exists in cloves), reduces uric acid levels (has been used as a kidney stone treatment), and acts as a mood stabilizer (normalizes neurotransmitter levels). Tulsi has Cox 2 inhibiting properties and thus is a potent anti-inflammatory agent. It has been used as part of a cancer treatment protocol as it discourages new blood vessel growth to tumors, as well as protects healthy cells from side effects of chemotherapy and radiation. It has also been shown to be hepatoprotective for various chemicals including acetaminophen and is a potent antioxidant having been shown to increase SOD and glutathione levels if needed.

It has no known side effects but, as with most herbs, caution is advised during pregnancy. It may be contraindicated in people with severe hypoglycemia or those on blood thinning medications. Also because of its strong adrenal restorative properties, depending on genetics, some people only need a very small dose – 1 cap daily while others may need up to 4 daily (one cap 4x/day). You may want to start low and increase if needed.

We test it on all patients but find it most useful when patients have a stressful lifestyle and need adrenal support, though it is also part of our antimicrobial armamentarium.

To find out more you can read Tulsi Holy Basil by Ryder Management Inc available on Amazon.

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