We are raising our fees November 4th

Here are our new fees:

Initial Exam$350$350
1st Adjustment$335$275
Office Visit (Follow Up Visits)$85$50
Combination Nutrition/Chiro Follow-Up$125$90
Reactivation after 1yr but before 5yr$200$165
Nutrition Initial Visit (Read more on dysbiosis.)$250
Nutrition Second Visit (3rd Week in Depth Follow Up)$150
Nutrition Follow-up$85
 Massage With Jordan w/tax (1 hour 15 minutes)$97.20

*24 hours notice needed otherwise fees may apply.

The fee for the initial exam is $140. If at the end of the exam, Dr. Michael believes that he can help he will recommend initial x-rays which cost $210.

Please ask us about care plans that can save you money and/or assist with budgeting for the care you need to reach your health goals.

If it has been over a year since Dr. Michael has seen a patient, a re-activation appointment is necessary.

If it has been more than 5 years since you have seen Dr. Michael as a patient, you may need to be treated as a new patient. 

Getting Started

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About Dr. Michael Polsinelli, DC

I really enjoy my work. It is a combination of listening, analyzing, and the skill of performing my craft. I love the expression on my patients faces when I puzzle out a long standing problem of theirs, or when their pain leaves after gently adjusting them. Read more about me

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