College Radio: What are you listening to?

Kathi and I are often asked about the diverse collection of music that we play here. My taste in music is eclectic and comes from listing to the radio. One of the great things about living in Cleveland is the variety of music that can be heard on the left hand of the dial. While I will listen to NPR on occasion, what I really love are some of the shows on the college radio stations. As a teenager, these stations exposed me to whole new genres of music. I decided to share some of my favorite shows. Making this list, I’ve found that most of these shows are on WRUW (CASE Western Reserve’s station at 91.1 FM), but I spend almost as much time listening to WCSB (Cleveland State at 89.3 FM) and WJCU (John Carrol University at 88.7 FM). While all of the shows can be listened to online, WRUW has archived shows of the past week available. Here are some of my favorite shows and when you can listen to them:

Defend Cleveland: Monday mornings has the best sports radio show in Cleveland. Listen for great local sports analysis by Mike James.  Mondays 9-11:30am on 91.1 FM WRUW. You can download last Mondays show here. Mike James also has articles written on his website:

Museum Without Walls: Monday evenings 7-9pm on WRUW 91.1 FM. Colleen will sometimes features one artist during each show and will play both tracks by that artist as well as covers.  You can download last Mondays show here. The best country music show around: Tuesday mornings on WRUW 91.1 FM. Last Tuesdays show can be found here.

Monster Boogie: I’m a big fan of ska. Monster Boogie Joe plays ska, calypso, rock steady and reggae. But first he starts his show show with a set of garage, punk, and rock and roll. Unfortunately no downloads, you need to tune in on Tuesday nights from 9-11pm on WCSB 89.3FM.

Latin Perspectives: When you want your Cuban fix. Thursdays WRUW 91.1 FM 10am-12pm.  Download.

Forté: I’m not a big fan of metal, but I love this show. Mike D intersplices interviews with bands while showcasing their work. It’s interesting, informative, and really enjoyable. Download here.

stonecoldbikini:  Newer rock and pop with Christine. I used to listen to her on Tuesdays driving into work, but now she is on Saturdays 9-11am on WRUW, 91.1. Listen here.

Erie Effusion:  Relive the 80’s with djbg on WRUW 91.1 FM. Sundays 6-8pm. Download here.

On the One:  Franklin and Charles showcase great classic and modern funk. Download here. Sundays 8-10pm on WRUW, 91.1FM.

This is just a smattering of the many shows that are found on college radio. There are also great blues, jazz, bluegrass, polka, punk, reggae, hip-hop and other shows on. Check out their schedules or just check in when you’re driving and listen to what is playing.

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