Nutritional, Allergy, and Toxin Testing

Allergies and toxins can have a profound effect on our health. Nutritional deficiencies can depress our immune system, create fatigue, and significantly increase inflammation and pain.

Products with Toxins
Many common products contain chemicals that cause low back weakness.

Dr. Michael utilizes applied kinesiology procedures to identify toxins and allergens as well as make nutritional recommendations. This can be as simple as patients bringing in their nutritional supplements to determine which are beneficial and which are a waste of money, to as complex as in-depth allergy, candida, and toxin protocols to dramatically minimize inflammation and restore vitality.

At the minimum, if there is an allergy, toxin, or deficiency that is hindering your recovery, Dr. Michael will notify you so that the issue can be resolved simply and quickly.

Common problems that he finds are toxins in skin products that lead to instability in the low back (and pain). These toxins can also lead to hormonal related cancers (like breast and skin). Additionally, many people have simple nutritional deficiency that can significantly increase a their inflammation and recovery time. Common food allergies can also have a huge effect our health and well being.

Nutritional Testing using Applied Kinesiology is a simple, quick, and economical way to identify needs as well as common allergies and toxins.

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