First Visit

The goal for the first visit is to:

  • Find out what is going on with you
  • To see if we help you.

We start with a consultation to go over

  • your health challenges
  • your health goals
  • a complete history

Next, patient we do some simple checks to see if you might have an atlas misalignment.

If the checks show that you are misaligned, find I will recommend an exam to determine what is going on.

The exam includes 50-60 different orthopedic, pilule neurological, and chiropractic exams to again, answer the two questions, “what is going on?”, and “Can I help you?”  If I cannot help you, I will try to find someone who can.

Finally, after the exam, if I believe that I can help you, I will recommend precise upper cervical x-rays to see where the structures are at.

The goal of the x-rays are to find the starting point on how to correct your spine.

There are three views that we take to give us a three dimensional view of where the atlas is in relationship to the rest of your neck and head.

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