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I just wanted to express my appreciation and thanks for helping me out by adjusting and alleviating my back and neck pain. I had hurt my back and neck while in the gym lifting weights and I couldn’t turn my head to the left at all, nurse there were also sharp pains in the center of my back.  I waited about five weeks before seeing Dr. Michael hoping it would heal itself.  It didn’t.  When I saw Dr. Michael for the first time he did a short series of easy tests and he determined I was out of alignment.  His X-rays confirmed I was and my atlas bone was torqued out of alignment in two separate ways caused by two separate serious injuries.  He was also able to determine the approximate time of the injuries that occurred eight years earlier by the amount of somewhat degenerative discs I had in my neck from being out of alignment for all those years.  At that time I was 20 years old and had a few hard dirt bike crashes for which I never received treatment.  After Dr. Micheal adjusted me I felt some instant relief and within one week to ten days later the pain was gone in my neck and back and I had full rage of motion restored.  I also felt taller, medical a positive difference in the way I walked and stood. I was very skeptical before I went, but was more than surprised and happy with the results.  I was also surprised about the adjustment itself being painless. I am glad I went to see him when I did and only regret not going sooner.
Thanks again Dr. Michael.
Mike Spyridakis

When I came in I thought I’d have to have neck surgery.  I have two slipped disks and four ruptured disks in my neck from a previous neck injury.  I went with pain for years-over 20 years!  Doctors said the neck was so messed up that they wouldn’t recommend surgery unless the pain became to bad, but it did eventually. But after treatment by Dr. Polsinelli, I feel so great! This has helped  so much I don’t even think about neck surgery.  When I have a stiff neck I just think: I have to get to Dr. Mike.

Suzanne Dunklin
September 25, 2008

Hi Dr. Michael,
Finally, after 2.5 yrs of reaping your benefits, a long overdue letter of appreciation appears!. I have thought these thoughts often but never put them into an official letter.

You are my favorite doctor I have ever had and have helped me so much! How blessed we are to have a NUCCA chiropractor (the only one who is level 2 certified in OHIO) and a naturopath, a “2 for 1” in the Cleveland area! When I heard from Debbie at Migun Store 2.5 yrs ago, that you had helped her immensely and dramatically after going to numerous specialists with no relief from her excruciating, chronic pain and that you don’t “crack our back”, that sold me!

You eliminated my neck stiffness and pain shortly after a minor car accident March 2006 , plus a more severe whiplash (neck pain and stiffness) incurred in 1976 when my car was totaled that I was resigned I would have to live with the rest of my life. Gone! After your very comprehensive precise XRAYS of my skull and vertebrae followed by your gentle upper cervical adjustment on the side of my face, the pain and stiffness was eliminated!

I think your anatometer (measures your weight on left side of body vs right) is extraordinary! And to think I was unknowingly 30 lb heavier on my left side vs right side when I first met you (which resulted in unequal leg lengths and one shoulder higher than the other). But miraculously after your painless adjustment, everything was evened out! Being finally balanced, my daily walks even felt better, with less falls.

Not to mention the improvement in my coordination and concentration that resulted from your crawling recommendation for 6 mo, (O’Dell’s book, Stopping ADHD) which I did faithfully (it’s never too late to crawl!) , due to lack of crawling as a toddler (in a playpen with my twin for hours on end) resulting in the STNR, static tonic neck reflex, resulting in ADHD symptoms. I think your applied kinesiology, Orthospinology, and [positional release] techniques are marvelous for maintenance visits since I only need an “adjustment” once in a great while!

I have recommended you to everyone I know, as you well know from all the friends I have sent over to see you! Plus I have recommended NUCCA specialists to others, out of state referring them to the excellent NUCCA website,  www.nucca.org which includes a comprehensive NUCCA directory. My friend Carol will be eternally grateful to you since you eliminated her severe back pain incurred from a very serious car accident over 35 yrs ago that she thought she would have to live with forever. I count you as my friend, my chiropractor, naturopath, encourager, educator and my counselor with a terrific sense of humor!
Nancy Mihalick
Euclid OH

This is a long, long overdue letter of thanks.  It reminds me of the story of ten people cured but only two returned to say thank you.

So…with no further delay.  I want you to know what a huge improvement I have experienced in my health and general well being since starting treatments with you back in November 2006.

After 47 years of having uneven legs requiring “lifts” being added to the heel of my left shoes it was miraculously gone after my first adjustment! My legs were the same length! I cried it was so hard to believe, many would consider it a miracle.  The thought of not having to take my shoes to the shoemaker for having ½ inch added to the left heel of my shoes had never even entered my mind.  The irony is the idea of having my legs be the same length had never even entered my mind.  I had just accepted it as me being born with it and living with it.

I have seen many Medical Doctors, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Acupuncturists and Massotherapists over the past 17 years for unending numbness in my legs, low back pain and difficulty sitting.  I also have had terrible muscle and joint pain, being diagnosed with degenerative disc disease, bi-lateral piriformis syndrome, sciatica, fibromyalgiafibromyalgia, headaches, arthritis, left leg radiculopathy and neuropathy.  I was taking strong prescription anti-inflammatory medication, but not anymore!  It is now a thing of the past!

There have been some temporary improvements with different treatments – regular mainstream/established, chiropractic and alternative treatments.  But nothing has consistently and long-lastingly been as effective as since I have had a cervical adjustment by you.

You have helped me tremendously with decreasing muscle soreness and stiffness with the neuromuscular re-education.  Besides all the help with using muscle testing to help determine what specific nutritional supplementation I need to help optimize health.

I most highly recommended Dr. Polsinelli for anyone with headaches, back, muscle, or neck pain.  It has been more consistently helpful than any other treatment I have tried, and believe me I have tried a lengthy laundry list of treatment modalities.  Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Much Healthier and Happier Me,

Sue Negron, R.N., Ph. D.

My name is Julia Kucmanic.  I am 11 years old.  I first started feeling sick in February of 2007 with nausea and dizziness.  After a couple weeks I started to feel better.  Then one day the dizziness and nausea came back with a really bad headache.  I just kept getting worse and worse!  The only way my headache was relieved was by lying down.

When my mom first took me in for dizziness and nausea they thought it was an inner ear infection. Then, when I got my headache they sent me to two different neurologists.  The first one thought I just had a tension headache, or a rebound headache but I wasn’t even taking a lot of medication because nothing took the pain away!  They also told me to see a biofeedback doctor because they thought my headaches were from stress.  I went but my headaches continued even though I learned how to try and deal with the pain.  Then they thought it was a migraine so they put me on some strong migraine medication.  They also took blood work and had me get an MRI of my head.

When the medication didn’t work and the MRI and blood work were fine, we decided to go to another neurologist.  One day my head hurt very badly so my mom took me into the emergency room and they gave me a shot and sent me home.  A couple days before the second neurologist appointment my mom was looking up some stuff to see what my headache could have been caused from.  Then she found something called a CSF leak (a leak in the spine.)  The doctors really didn’t think it was that, so they did some more MRI’s of the neck and spine and everything was normal looking.

The pain and fatigue continued and I started having pain in my legs, back and neck and I couldn’t keep my balance.  I was even admitted to the hospital for two days, but they just sent me home and told me to get a sleep test because maybe sleep apnea was causing my headaches.  I went home very frustrated and felt like I couldn’t go on any longer.

I stopped gymnastics, gym, and most of my other activities.  I forced myself to get up and try to play with my cousins and friends but it was just so hard.  All I wanted to do was lay down because that was the only way I got relief.  I missed a lot of school and things were getting really hard so we got permission to have a sleeping bag in the back of my classroom.  I hated it at first and was so embarrassed, but at least I was able to do most of my work and get back on track.

My mom continued calling up doctors so she could help me.  A lot of people were getting mad at her because they thought I was depressed and under stress and should see a psychologist.  My mom was trying to tell them that I was not depressed, but just in a lot of pain.  She continued talking to the neurologist and a test was going to be scheduled for me to see if I had a CSF leak.   Right before that test, my neurologist decided that I should go see a neurosurgeon.  At that appointment, the neurosurgeon checked me over and said she would talk to some other doctors and call my mom back.  My mom had to call her back and she just gave the numbers of two rheumatologists for me to see.

My mom was so frustrated that she decided to call Dr. Polsinelli.  During our consultation, he said that he thought he could help me.  I was so excited.  A couple of days later, I had my first appointment.  He took x-rays and checked me out and talked to me.  I was adjusted at my 2nd appointment.  I didn’t feel anything, but boy was I sore the next few days.  I actually started feeling more fatigued and became kind of frustrated.

At my third appointment, he changed something with the adjustment.  The instant I got in our car, I started feeling less fatigued.  My mom couldn’t believe it.  She kept bugging me and asking me questions.  Even though I was getting less tired, my headaches were still there.  I kept going to my appointments and slowly my headaches started going away.  I was so happy but also nervous that my headaches and fatigue would come back.  It is now about four months since I first started with my illness and about a month since I started seeing Dr. Mike.

I feel like a normal kid again.  I play outside, I climb trees, I swim on a swim team, I sing really loudly, I yell at my brothers and sisters, I dance, I do gymnastics.  I am myself again.  Thank you Dr. Mike.  You gave me my life back and you made my mom very happy!!!

Julia Kucmanic

I am writing this
to give my enthusiastic recommendation for the services of Dr.
Michael Polsinelli and Advanced Spinal Care Center.

In November 2007 I
began treatment with Dr. Michael, having had numerous visits and
treatments from other chiropractors, all of which helped to varying
degrees. My cervical problems started with dental trauma which
whiplashed my neck, and I was having nerve pinching and neuralgia in
various areas on my left side. Dr. Michael’s clear and concise
explanation of the NUCCA approach convinced me to do the therapy. It
took a while to get his adjustment to hold in place, but finally
after a few months I feel almost completely resolved of the symptoms.

Dr. Michael also
has great expertise in nutrition and vitamins and herbal supplements.
Even though I have had a 20-year background in these areas myself, I
have been helped immensely by suggestions from Dr. Michael in these
areas. Jordan has also been of great help with her knowledge and
massage skills. Lori at the front desk is always ready to be of
service on the phone or in the office.

I give my highest
referral to Dr. Michael and his office staff for their assistance in
helping me to heal my health challenges.

116 West 6th
Fostoria, OH

When I first met with Dr. Polsinelli in
April 2005, I thought I was suffering from the onset of fibromyalgiafibromyalgia.
I experienced pain and weakness in my arms and legs, headaches,
interrupted sleep patterns, excessive fatigue and pain in my right
knee. Although I had been working with another doctor, after 30
adjustments, none of the corrections held for longer than a couple of
days. My friend recommended Dr. Polsinelli and the methods he
employs in his practice.

After the first adjustment four weeks
ago I am still holding the correction! My arms and legs are much
stronger…. no headaches, fatigue or knee pain. At 58 I’m feeling
much better, sleeping through the night and am excited about the
program he created for me. I’d also like to recommend Jordan’s
reflexology after an adjustment…. Heaven! I have no hesitation in
recommending Advanced Spinal Care Center for the best chiropractic
care I’ve received in the past ten years.

Stephanie Griffith

Dear Dr. Michael,

I want to sincerely thank you for
working with me these past two years. I initially came to you because
my left foot was in constant pain. I had been coping with that
discomfort for several years and you found the culprit and rid me of

I am most appreciative of your work in
keeping me in-line. When I am holding, I feel an inch taller and my
whole life feels in balance. It feels good to have total balance.

It is always a comfort to come to your
office. If a prospective client should ever ask for a reference,
please use my name. I will be sure to refer you to anyone asking me
for a true healer.

Happy Days,

Robin Leichtman

To Whom It May Concern:

In the spring of this year, I first
consulted with Dr. Michael Polsinelli regarding a chronic neck
misalignment. At the time, I was also experiencing a sore and weak
muscle in my right thigh. I had also suffered with various kinds of
headaches throughout my adult life. As Dr. Polsinelli employed the
NUCCA method of Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic to alleviate my neck
misalignment, my thigh muscle gradually regained strength. But the
most dramatic change I noticed was the almost complete cessation of
any kind of headache from the time of my first treatment. How
wonderful it is to have a well-aligned atlas!


Elizabeth Claypool

It is so amazing to me that since I was
adjusted by Dr. Mike I have not had any sinus headaches. For years,
I suffered with sinus headaches and pain and had resigned myself to
the fact that I would have to deal with the pain for the rest of my
life. Not so anymore! It is truly a miracle!

Beth Gaewsky

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