Constipation Part 2 – Antibiotics

Last week’s topic was about chronic constipation and a case study that showed upper cervical chiropractic can help with chronic constipation. If you have chronic constipation, make sure you are in alignment. Also make sure that you are drinking enough water and eating enough fiber. Sometimes constipation can be a side effect from medications, so do research on any medications you are on.

Another cause for constipation is the use of antibiotics. Most people think of antibiotics as causing loose stools, but the opposite can also happen.

The term “antibiotic” means “against life”. It is a substance that kills or inhibits the growth of bacteria. While many bacteria can be life threatening or harmful, there are many bacteria that are beneficial and are needed for proper digestion as well as for the creation of needed vitamins. These bacteria are called pro-biotics (for life).

Antibiotics kill bacteria. They kill the harmful as well as the beneficial bacteria. When the beneficial bacteria are diminished, other organisms such as yeast (candida) will be able to flourish. This affects our digestion, causing constipation and or loose stools, as well as keeping us from being able to get rid of toxins. Candida creates aldehydes and makes us sensitive to perfume, while other yeasts will create alcohol and keep us from thinking clearly.

Lactobacillus sporogenes, lactobacillus acidophilus, and bifidobacteria are some of the beneficial bacteria found in our intestines. Many practitioners recommend taking a probiotic at the end of a round of antibiotics (or eating lots of yogurt). This can help replenish our gut flora. Unfortunately, this does not help in chronic cases. Some people need a three fold approach.

First starve the harmful bacteria and yeast through a strict yeast free diet while avoiding any irritating foods. Second use supplements that support the growth of beneficial bacteria, and making it inhospitable to the harmful microorganisms, and third having a spouse/partner do the same in order to avoid reinfection from yeast and bacteria.

I utilize a procedure developed by Dr. Michael Lebowitz. For more information see my article Dysbiosis and Your Health, and Understanding Your Nutritional Program by Keith Rau, D.C. and Michael Lebowitz, D.C.

Finally, stay away from Splenda (aka sucralose) which kills the beneficial bacteria in the gut.

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