Undecylenic Acid by Thorne and Morinda Supreme 20% for February–Best Anti-Candida Products

I’ve used Undecylenic Acid (formerly Formula SF722) with patients for decades. It and Morinda are some of the best anti-Candida/Yeast products I’ve found.

Antibiotics, steroids, intestinal flu, airborne mold, and poor foods will disrupt the beneficial bacteria balance in our gut. This gives Candida, other yeasts, and bad bacteria a chance to colonize and reproduce. An overgrowth of these bad bacteria and yeasts will irritate the gut lining, creating digestive problems. They will also create toxins that overwhelm our liver and increase inflammation in our body.

Morinda Supreme and Undecylenic Acid combat the bad bacteria and yeast, allowing the beneficial bacteria to recolonize our intestines.

Both will reduce inflammation in our body as well as improve digestive problems like diarrhea and constipation. For February, both products are 20% off.

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