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Here are some new products that I’ve started to carry:

Wild Greens Supreme is a green food supplement that is very different than other green food products. It is made without any cereal grasses that many are allergic to (especially from gluten allergies), and algae that can contain excitotoxins and heavy metals. It has a high mineral content, and helps to stabilize optimal ph. It is high in chlorophyll which helps with energy, and detoxification. Chlorophyll also helps with tissue regeneration, cell oxygenation, and is antimicrobial. It is from Supreme Nutrition Products and you can read more about it here.prkam.jpg

Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotic Kampuku Bar Soap and Dr. Ohira’s Probiotic Magoroku Skin Lotion are products with beneficial bacteria in it. They help with chapped skin, acne, and infections. They are made by Essential Formulas.

Celtic Sea Salt fine ground (1lb). While I was told that this had less minerals in it than the Light Gray, new literature says otherwise. Here is the handout (.pdf) comparing mineral content for the different salts that I carry. It is $11/lb (Much more than the Light Gray Salt which is $5/lb), but can be used in regular salt shakers. Here is a mineral content comparison to other sea salts (.pdf).   To read more on why I recommend Unrefined Sea Salt and it’s health benefits read this article.

Oregon Grape Root back in stock. Berbercap changed it’s formula a little while ago. Thorne switched to Berberis aristata which has similar effects but is slightly gentler on the system. Some people I believe do better with the lactoprivb.jpgOregon Grape Root so I sourced it from a different manufacturer. Both Berbercap and Oregon Grape Root are good for inflamation and infections, especially bacterial infections.

Back in stock: Lactopriv B by Topfer. Lactopriv B and Eugalon are some of the best Bifidobacteria probiotic supplements that I’ve found.  Lactopriv B is for those with dairy sensitivities. Eugalon is dairy based and soy free.

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