Introducing Jeanne Wilson CCT

Jeanne Wilson is a Certified Clinical Thermographer who will be joining us on a monthly basis to provide Thermography sessions. Thermography can be used in the early detection of breast, skin, and other cancers, thyroid problems, carotid artery blockages, as well as other processes:

In 1995 I was 31 yrs old, and had 4 children, and noticed I had blood coming from my nipple. I went to my OBGYN and they referred me to a Mammogram. After the Mammogram I was schedule for a ultra sound. After both testing’s I was told there was nothing wrong and I should come back in 3 months if there was still blood. I went back to them 3 more time that year and after 3 mammograms and 3 ultra sounds, I was told every thing was ok, and this was a normal thing for me.

A friend of mine ask me to go to her Natural Doctor, I did that and was tested with EDS. She felt there was something there in the breast that warrant further testing, and suggested a Thermography is PA. After the thermography results came back I realized I was facing early detection of breast cancer. When I had gotten the thermography results back I took all the info I had and went to a breast surgeon. The surgeon performed a biopsy and said yes it was cancer tissue, and it was early stages.

From there I chose to take a natural approach to healing, and continued to be scanned on a 3 month basis and watched things improve.

Then in 2001 the same exact process started, I then chose to go to school to become a certified Thermal Imaging Technician, plus buy my own camera and scan women for early detection of breast cancer. I have kept my fees low so it is affordable for all who want this, or need this.

The cost is:

$150.00 for Breast (or 1 region)

$225.00 ½ body

$325.00 whole body

The United Breast Cancer Foundation ( is now backing thermal Imaging and may reimburse women who can not afford a scam or who have a diagnosis of breast cancer. All women, would have to go to the website first and fill out the form, send it in and wait for an approval.

~Jeanne Wilson, CCT

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  1. This question is concerning an optimal Cancer diet,
    Since Cancer can’t survive in alkaline environment AND. We all hear constantly… Cancer feeds on sugar,
    What about hi alkaline fruit? (sugar)
    Does high alkalinity (characteristic of certain fruits) trump the sugar/cancer connection factor?
    Anxiously awaiting your input!
    Thanks, Nancy Mihalick

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