Vote Protection Projects That Take As Little As 1 Hour Of Your Time.

I am involved in two different projects for election day. One is to capture posted results at polling places at the end of the evening, the other is a citizens exit poll.

You can download the flier here.

If you or anyone you know can help out please let us know.

You can call me (Michael Polsinelli at 216-374-9134 or Vicki Lovegren at 216-246-4179

Dr. Michael

Some background:

During the 2004 presidential recount there was fraud in Cuyahoga County. Two election workers were found guilty.

Cuyahoga is using optical scan machines from ES&S, a company that has been fined and rebuked in California.  Optical scanners can be hacked and manipulated.

Citizens exit polls and capturing posted results, allow us to protect our votes as well as uncover problems.

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