Voting fraud in New Hampshire likely

New Hampshire uses Diebold machines that have been hacked and covered in the movie Hacking Democracy. Black Box Voting recently posted an article stating concerns that New Hampshire is vulnerably to vote fraud. Now, according to this forum thread, it seems likely that there was vote fraud in both the Republican and Democratic primary there.

Blackbox Voting has been on the forefront of showing the dangers of electronic voting. Jordan and I have been concerned about voting integrity since Ohio, Election Officials Convicted of Felony and Misdemeanor for 2004 Election; One Official Acquitted” href=””> witnessing vote fraud during the Cuyahoga County recount for the 2004 presidential election.

We cannot have a democracy without open and transparent voting (and vote counting) procedures.

While I am pleased that Secretary of State Brunner decertified the machines that we use here, I still have concerns with the new voting system.

Help protect our democracy, support Black Box Voting and Ohio Vigilance.

Update: Kucinich is asking for a recount as is a republican candidate. Blackboxvoting has uncovered that the company that counts the electronic votes has a felon as a top executive. Blackboxvoting is also stating that a recount may be a trap. Updates here and here.

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