Voting Resources (Judges and other issues)

Here are some resources to help you with your voting decisions.

Before the election, I download a copy of my ballot and research the issues and candidates.

For Cuyahoga residents you can download a copy of your ballot by first checking your registration here. Judges take some time and I never think it is a good idea to vote a straight party line. You can get resources on judges in Cuyahoga county here:

The Plain Dealer made some endorsements for judges here.  I also like to read the comments at the bottom of the page for controversial races that I need to do more research on.  Here is their full endorsement page.

CoolCleveland made some endorsements (with links to articles) that were different than the P.D. on issue 2 and the port levy here (scroll down). Again, I feel that these links are springboards for further research.

For Lake county residents you can look up your ballot here.  The Lake county bar association made their recommendations here.

Geauga county ballots can be found here.

If you live outside of these counties check your county board of elections for a copy of your ballot.

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