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TheraSupreme is a great whole-food supplement rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It is anti-inflammatory and is especially useful for people who react to nightshades.

From their website:
The goal of TheraSupreme was to create a product that is a superb anti-oxidant, high in vitamins and minerals, an immune booster, and a 100% natural food product that could be added to a drink as an all-around health booster. This product has been a long time in the making, taking over a year to research and develop.

Thera Supreme by Supreme Nutrition

Many products already on the market have mixes of fruits, vegetables, enzymes, etc. Most of these products appear to put everything that has ever gotten good press into one mix. Unfortunately, in clinical practice, these rarely work well with patients, often causing as many health issues as they “claim” to help. With this in mind, we weren’t sure we would be able to make a product to meet our criteria. We started by buying small amounts of most of the individual ingredients found in other products and doing a blind evaluation on 50 patients, checking each sample individually for efficacy. We wanted to include only those ingredients that helped nearly 100% of patients.

Using these criteria in our testing, we found categories of items that did not work with most patients. These categories included algae (spirulina, chlorella, etc.), grass juices (wheatgrass, barleygrass, etc.), fungal-derived enzymes, and pro-biotics. All these have their place, but again, we wanted something that would benefit nearly 100% of patients. Unfortunately, most of the above-mentioned ingredients appear in most fruit/vegetable blends on the market. We also found that most patients did not benefit from alfalfa, which is often found in these products.

After much experimentation, we settled on seven ingredients (from an initial batch of 60) and blended them in varying ratios to obtain optimum results. This is an interesting product because, as with each other Supreme Nutrition Products, every new batch must pass the same testing to be released on the market (this has not always been easy, especially with Morinda Supreme, as many samples had to be rejected). With seven ingredients in TheraSupreme – we may find it necessary at times to make slight variations in the ingredient list due to the possible unavailability of raw materials that pass our testing.

The first batch was given to 10 people who took it over a period of time so we could test it for tolerance, taste, and effect. It passed our tests, but some of the ingredients were no longer available by then, so we had to wait for new harvests and evaluate. It is a fun but, at times, frustrating and lengthy process. We finally have a complete product that passed all our tests and is now available.

TheraSupreme has the following seven ingredients: bilberry, blueberry, elderberry, pomegranate, asparagus, black radish, and cilantro (coriander). All have been tested to be free of pesticide residue (We actually like this better than most organic classifications as some organic food is grown on land with a long history of pesticide use and has had only a few years without pesticides). It comes in a 270 gm container with a 9 gm scoop, giving you 30 servings.

What makes this product unique is a few things:

1) Each ingredient and batch must pass stringent Clinical and Applied Kinesiology testing

2) No added grass juices, algae, or fungal-derived enzymes, as they do not work well on the majority of patients in our tests

3) An all-encompassing fruit/vegetable blend containing plants with many different nutrients, colors, phytochemicals, etc.

We feel that for sensitive patients, this can act like taking a multivitamin, and for everyone, it can supply many phytonutrients that we do not get in our daily diet. It will also help boost our nutrient levels, immunity, health, and well-being.

In addition to increasing nutrient levels, it also often helps detoxify chemicals and metals, is antimicrobial, and acts as a complete product that almost everyone will benefit from. Professional athletes have reported taking Thera Supreme during the season and not gotten a cold or the flu when everyone else in the locker room succumbed to them.

Many patients who suffer from nightshade (solanine) sensitivity report having symptomatic relief while taking Thera Supreme.

About the individual ingredients:

Bilberry- high in anthocyanin pigments and antioxidants- helps prevent atherosclerosis and is reportedly helpful for night vision, macular degeneration, some heart conditions, and other vascular disorders (1, 2, 3, 4, 5).

Blueberry- recent studies suggest blueberries may be useful in reducing cancer risk, slowing the cognitive decline in Alzheimer’s, controlling blood pressure, and preventing urinary tract infections (6, 7, 8, 9). It can also be a good source of vitamin K as well as manganese (10).

Elderberry- another rich source of antioxidants and various phytonutrients – it has been shown to have anti-viral activity, especially against certain strains of influenza (11, 12, 13). A good source of carotenoids and other nutrients.

Pomegranate is a potent antioxidant with significant amounts of vitamins A, C, E, and folic acid (14, 15, 16). It also helps thin the blood and lower cholesterol (17).

Asparagus supplies vitamins A, C, E, iodine, and folic acid (18, 19, 20, 21). Traditionally it has been used to strengthen the genito-urinary system and, more recently, has been used to help people with various forms of cancer (22, 23).

Black radish is one of the greatest detoxifiers and an activator of liver detoxification enzymes (24, 25).

Coriander/Cilantro -contains an antioxidant that helps prevent animal fats from turning rancid (26). It is also mildly anti-bacterial and anti-fungal and is used by some to chelate mercury and other heavy metals (27, 28, 29, 30).

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