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Updated 8/2/2019

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While fiber and intestinal clay products can be beneficial, and help with elimination, they don’t address the underlying problem of colon toxicity. Colonics are good for acute problems, but again, if the underlying problem is not addressed then constipation can occur and there will be a returning need for colonics or enemas.

Most toxins and colon problems come from an imbalance of gut flora. Yeast, bacteria, protozoa, and parasites will compete with the beneficial bacteria leading to gut irritation, allergies, constipation, and diarrhea. These organisms will give off toxins in their waste and irritate the gut wall. This irritation leads to our bodies absorbing proteins and toxins that it shouldn’t. This leads to allergic reactions and increased toxicity of the body.

I’ve found that going on a yeast-free diet, increasing probiotic foods (like unsweetened plain yogurt, kefir, fermented non-pasteurized sauerkraut, and brined pickles), and using specific supplements that kill yeast, bacteria, and parasites. Here are some of the top products that I use for cleaning out the colon:

Formula SF722 by Thorne Research. This is an extract of castor oil that is high in undecenoic acid. This is excellent against Candida Albicans and a variety of other yeasts and fungi. It seems to work better than Nystatin without the side effects. People that are overweight will regularly lose weight after being on this and the next product.

Morinda Supreme by Supreme Nutrition is powdered Noni berry. While there are many products that sell the Noni Juice, the dried berry seems to work best. In addition to being anti-inflammatory, the Noni berry has tremendous anti-fungal, anti-yeast, and anti-bacterial properties. It will also work with some parasites. I usually recommend powder 1 scoop 2-3x/day or 3 capsules 2-3x/day.

Berbercap by Thorne and Golden Thread by Supreme Nutrition. These are some of the most powerful antibacterial herbs that I carry. They are related and are both bitter herbs. In addition to bacteria, they can be helpful with yeast and parasites as well as stomach and gall bladder problems.  I don’t recommend long term use as it can kill off the beneficial bacteria.  One capsule 2-3x/day.

For parasites, I consider Artecin by Thorne and Videnga Supreme.  Artecin is Wormwood which is one of the best anti-parasitic herbs. It also has antibacterial and antifungal properties. Because it is an intense herb, I don’t recommend taking it without supervision. However, Dr. Michael Lebowitz states: “Artecin should be taken along on an overseas trip and used when necessary at symptom onset, to prevent a serious infestation.” One capsule 2-3x/day. Since Supreme Nutrition came out with Videnga, I’ve started to use it more often for parasites. It is the powdered Embelia Ribes berry. These berries have been used in Ayurvedic medicine for over 2,000 years. It is also known as false black pepper and is native to Asia and India and is a great antiparasitic herb.

Melia Supreme by Supreme Nutrition is powdered Neem leaf. It is a broad-spectrum antimicrobial effective against yeast, bacteria, fungus, virus, and parasites. Paradoxically it is gentle on the beneficial bacteria found in the gut. It has been used for centuries in India and is also helpful with allergies, inflammation, and liver problems. It is used in Japan to treat cancerous tumors both internally and externally. Studies show that it lowers cholesterol and lowers the need for insulin in diabetics. One capsule 2-3x/day.

Yeast is common in our bodies, however, when we take antibiotics or steroids, the drugs kill off the beneficial bacteria and allows the yeast population to explode. Other organisms can come from sexual partners, traveling outside of the country, pets, and contaminated food.   Dr. Michael Lebowitz developed his Colon Cleansing protocol to address chronic health problems within himself and his patients. I believe that it is one of the most effective as well as cost-effective programs available.

Colon Cleansing by restoring gut flora balance can help tremendously in many health issues besides digestive ones.  Weight loss, increase in energy, decrease in pain and inflammation all is benefited from this procedure. Once the intestines are healed and the gut flora is balanced can we begin to get rid of our buildup of toxins. I have been utilizing Dr. Lebowitz’s protocol for more than 15 years. For what is involved, please contact me at 440-461-9774 or email me here.


Clinical Indications of Thorne Research Products (.pdf)

Clinical Indications of Supreme Nutrition Products (.pdf)

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