Natural remedies for Flu

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It’s flu season and some places are getting hit hard. Here are several things that I recommend for either preventing or helping you get through it quicker.

Vitamin D: Just about everyone should be on Vitamin D here in Northeast Ohio. Vitamin D is really important for the immune system. When I started giving Vitamin D to patients, I noticed that they didn’t get sick as much when the flu came around.

Iodine: I would reach for this when I got sick. Having a fever is good. It is one of our body’s way to kill bacteria and viruses. When our temperature is raised, it burns these things off. Iodine is needed for a normal body temperature (and helps warm cold hands and feet).

Illicium Supreme: It’s become my go to supplement for the flu. It has great antiviral properties and actually is rich in shikimic acid which is a molecular precursor to Tamiflu.

Woad Supreme: Isatis tinctoria. Woad is one of the best anti-flu supplements. Research shows it is also good for pneumonia. It also has antibacterial properties and is anti-inflammatory.

Golden Thread Supreme: Aka Coptis Chinensis: This used to be my go to for flu, it has a high berberine content and is great for bacterial infections also.

Vitamin C: Megadoses of vitamin C really help relieve symptoms of flu. 3-8,000 mg/per day in divided doses.

Camu Supreme: Camu has the highest concentration of natural Vitamin C.

Finally, make sure you drink plenty of liquids (focus on water). For those that can, adding a little sea salt will also help your thyroid and adrenals and keep you from peeing all the time.

Natural Remedies for Flu

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