Product Of The Month: Vitamin D 20% Off

With few exceptions, we should all be on Vitamin D this month.   I am recommending that everyone living this far north start on either 2,000 iu or 5,000 iu a day of Vitamin D to prevent illness. Vitamin D is more effective at preventing the flu than flu shots and it has lots more benefits in addition to it.

75% of us are low in Vitamin D with over 95% of African Americans low it it. Vitamin D helps with heart, bone, mental, and immune health.

If people are starting to get sick around you, go up to 10,000 iu/day. If you get sick I am recommending 20,000 iu for up to 10 days. (The Vitamin D council recommends 40,000 iu/ day for up to 7 days).

Read more on Vitamin D here.

For the month of November: Vitamin D is 20% off. Stock up now and save.

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