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My website was hacked this past week and I was locked out from the administrator functions. The solution that my hosting service had was to completely update the software that was running it. This ended up breaking many features that were on it and I’ve been working all weekend to piece it back into place. Please bear with me as I work out the kinks and don’t be surprised if the site temporarily turns pink while you are clicking on an article. : )

In the meantime, links have been corrected, and I have some new links up. I really like the new print/pdf button, and you can easily share articles not only by email, but through facebook and other common networking sites. So feel free to poke around, and let me know what you think.

Dr. Michael

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About Dr. Michael Polsinelli, DC

I really enjoy my work. It is a combination of listening, analyzing, and the skill of performing my craft. I love the expression on my patients faces when I puzzle out a long standing problem of theirs, or when their pain leaves after gently adjusting them. Read more about me

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  1. So the print/pdf button didn’t work out so well. I ended up breaking everything the other day, but got it back together now. There were a number of bugs that I had missed but hope are corrected now, like my email form. I will be continuing to try out new wordpress plugins to make the site easier to use. One thing I did do was try to improve the site for smartphones. Let me know how things work and where improvements can be made.

    Dr. Michael

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