Formula SF722 back in stock

Thorne’s Formula SF722 is one of the primary anti-yeast remedies that I use. It is back in stock after seven months. Evidently they had problems getting good olive oil. Here is their announcement:

We are very happy to announce that Formula SF722 is back in stock!


Formula SF722 has been a best-selling Thorne Research product for

Picture of Formula SF722
Formula SF722

over 20 years and we regret not having it available for you recently. This formula is in a softgel, which is manufactured for us by a contract manufacturer that also makes other softgel products for us. Softgel manufacturing requires unique equipment and expertise, which is why there are only four softgel manufacturers in all of North America. While preparing to manufacture a batch of SF722 three months ago, quality control testing revealed the presence of pesticide residues. This was investigated and it was found that the olive oil that was to be used in the product was the culprit. The olive oil was re-sourced, the product was put back into the production schedule, it was manufactured, re-tested, and we are very pleased to have Formula SF722 available again.

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