Relaxation of Covid-19 Protocols: Dr. Michael’s Update for June 18, 2021

Update 6-25-2021: Cases this week dropped 24% over the week before. Not as good as the previous two weeks, but still a significant reduction.

In the past week, according to the Ohio Board of Health, Covid-19 cases have dropped by 39% over last week. As such, we will be relaxing our Covid-19 protocols at the office. To be clear, masks will still be required in accordance with CDC guidelines.

Beginning Monday, June 21st: 

  • We will keep the door unlocked during regular business hours. 
    • There will be no need to call before coming into the office.
    • If you are coming to pick up supplements, you are welcome to come inside to do so. 
  • We will cease taking temperatures upon entering. 
  • While we ask people to maintain social distancing, we will no longer prevent patients from passing each other in the halls. 
  • We will resume using the waiting room.
  • While we will continue to wipe down tables and frequently used surfaces, we will no longer sanitize infrequently used surfaces like supplement bottles. We will provide spray bottles in the restrooms that have a diluted bleach sanitizing solution in them but will no longer be wiping down the restrooms after each patient. They will continue to be cleaned on a daily basis. 
  • We will reduce the frequency that we are spraying the air. (We will continue to have air purifiers running in each room to maintain good air quality.)
  • Jordan will resume her pre-pandemic massage schedule. 

We will continue: 

  • To require the use of masks.
  • Require hand washing upon entering.
  • Wipe down tables.
  • Wash our hands between patients. 

Please note, hospitalizations are not dropping as fast. The new variants are hospitalizing more people that are infected. The Delta Variant was less than 3% of all cases less than a month ago, it is now over 10%. Some studies are showing that twice as many people infected with the Delta Variant are being hospitalized. If you haven’t been vaccinated and have not had Covid yet, please be extra careful. 

The numbers: According to the Ohio Department of Health, there were 166 cases between Thursday, June 10 and Wednesday, June 16 in Cuyahoga County; this is down from 273 the week before. The 7-day daily average was 23.7 down from 35 from the week before. This is a drop of 39.2%. The previous week, utilizing County only numbers, we saw a decline of 42.3 % from the week before. Previous weeks before that saw drops of 28.2%, 23.9%, and 26.0%.  

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