Upper Cervical Correction Helps Chronic Constipation– A Case Study

Americans spend over $1,300,000.00 every day on laxatives. Constipation can cause toxicity leading to headaches, back pain, and abdominal pain and distention.

Several studies have shown the relationship with misalignments of the spine and internal organ function, including digestion, colic in infants, and high blood pressure.

An article of the Chiropractic Research Journal, describes a case study relating to chronic constipation.

A five year old girl was needed medication to help her have one bowel movement per week. She had problems with her colon since she was one and constipation had become so severe that she had become very lethargic. She had seen a regular chiropractor previously for back pain which had responded well.

An upper cervical chiropractic examination showed a left short leg, muscular spasms in the upper neck, and left head tilt. Upper cervical x-rays were recommended and found a left shift of the atlas vertebra of 2 ¼ degrees on the left with a large 7 ¼ degree rotation.

The day after the patients first upper cervical adjustment, she had her first bowel movement without the use of medication. Within the next two weeks she had 4-6 bowel movements per week with only two upper cervical adjustments required.

The patient fell and had a setback whereby she had only five bowel movements in the next 19 days and had a need for several adjustments. Afterwards she stabilized and had daily bowel movements and no need for adjustment over the next two months until she had another accident.

She fell out of a window and hit her head. New x-rays were taken and no fractures were noted. A minor change was made to the adjustment at which point daily bowel movements returned and she discontinued the use of medication.

Accidents and injuries will tear loose the connective tissue holding the first bone in the neck in place (the atlas). This allows the atlas to shift and twist out of position. Because the spinal cord passes through the atlas, it becomes irritated and nerve function is hindered. This not only creates weakness in posture muscles, but also disrupts communication to the organs. By adjusting the atlas off of the spinal cord toward normal, the nerves can communicate and the body can heal.

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