Cold Remedies Dangerous to Kids

A recent article in the Baltimore Sun, says that Baltimore’s commissioner of health as well as 15 other pediatric experts are asking the FDA to tell the public that cold remedies for kids are dangerous.

“When you see multiple deaths, hundreds of calls to Poison Control and thousands upon thousands of kids using these drugs in the city every day, and they don’t work and they’re not safe, it’s a fair issue for public health,” said Dr. Joshua Sharfstein, Baltimore’s commissioner of health.

Evidently, in Maryland, over 900 children overdosed in 2004, with fatalities.

Prevention and natural solutions

Limit the amount of sugar your children consume. Sugar depresses the immune system

Eat well. cook your own meals, eat fresh fruit and vegetables, stay away from fast food/processed foods, limit the microwave (it can destroy the proteins in food).

Make sure your kids play outside. Exercise is important and Vitamin D is necessary for the immune system.

Get them to bed on time. Getting enough sleep is important for a child’s health.

Drink water. Many kids are now allowed to bring water bottles to school, keeping hydrated will help them do better also.

For infants and toddlers, keep them nursing as long as possible. Infants have an undeveloped immune system, nursing provides antibody and natural resistance to disease.

Make sure their atlas is not choking their nervous system. The nervous system plays an important role in immune function.

If you child has a cold or flu

Stop all sugar. Again sugar depresses the immune system.

Stop all dairy. For some, dairy increases mucus production.

Serve chicken soup with lots of garlic. Both have been shown to help heal quicker. But beware, many store bought soups have MSG and other chemicals in them. Make it fresh, or when you do, freeze some for when you need it.

Drink fluids. Water, soup, herbal tea are all good, You may want to dilute any juices though.

Finally, bring them in to make sure that their nervous system is working properly, and so that we can check them for specific natural or herbal remedies that they may need.

Cold Remedies Dangerous to Kids

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