“Having At Least Three Elegant Solutions To Every Problem.”

This week’s topic of the week.

“There should be three solutions to every problem.”

One of my teachers in massage school would say this. Katrin is a practitioner of the work developed by Moshe Feldenkrais. I always attributed the quote to him, and it has always sparked my imagination. Katrin said it in the context of movement as body workers, so that we would always be thinking of different ways to perform our techniques so that we wouldn’t injure ourselves. If we have (at least) three choices at all times, we would never be locked into being able to do something only one way.

I keep coming back to that quote in my more than twenty years in the healing arts, and recently I’ve come to realize that it is a core belief of my philosophy. I am constantly trying to find several ways to address a particular problem with people, be it disc herniations, muscle problems,  headaches, nutrition or adjusting the spine.

At first it was a way to address similar problems with different clients. (I need to use light and gentle techniques with my 93 year old grandmother. With an athlete I may need to use a firmer pressure). Now I am looking on three ways to address a problem with each patient. It’s liberating not to be stuck one mode of thinking. To be truthful, I don’t yet have have three elegant answers for every problem, and sometimes I’m lucky to have just one. As I grow and mature as a holistic practitioner, it’s nice to have more than when I started in practice. (There is a reason that we call this practice.)

As I kept coming back to the original concept, I started to add “elegant” to the phrase, because that is what I want: elegant solutions, not clumsy or band-aid solutions. I’m not there yet, but I am creating the possibility. My next step is apply this idea to other aspects of my life.

Yours in health,

Dr. Michael

“Having At Least Three Elegant Solutions To Every Problem.”

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