Pepti-Guard 20% off for April.

Pepti-Guard by Thorne is an herbal/mineral formula for a healthy stomach. Many people have stomach irritations, but aren’t aware of it. It can lead to difficulty breathing, anxiety, and a need to continually snack and weight gain. Pepti-Guard kills pathogenic organisms that irritate the stomach and upper GI lining while soothing and healing it. Many times people have an irritation in their stomach and think that they have low blood sugar. Eating helps relax them. What is actually happening is the stomach is irritated and is rising up through the diaphragm (affecting breathing). The food weighs the stomach down and helps reduce pressure on the diaphragm. Pepti-Guard sooths the stomach, reduces irritation, and allows the stomach to come down without extra food. This is a great help for weight loss. For the month of April, Pepti-Guard is 20% off.

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