Radiation Update May 22

Radiation Update May 22

This week TEPCO admitted that there was a meltdown at the Fukushima 1 power plant. They say that this occurred within 16 hours after the earthquake. There is also concern that there have been meltdowns at reactors 2 and 3.   Radioactive water is still being released into the Pacific, with radioactive vapor currently being released into the atmosphere. Within the last week, increased radiation has been found in the rainwater in two of the sites that I previously recommended: The Radiation Station, and The Radiation Network‘s blog. Radioactive iodine is still being found in food and breast milk in Japan.

Fairwinds Associates, are reporting that the explosion on March 14 sent radioactive fuel at least a mile away and created small particulates of “vaporized” radiation, that went into the atmosphere. Most of this radiation is the longer lived Cesium, Plutonium, Strontium, Lanthanum, Tellurium & Xenon.

I believe that this extra radiation that we are being exposed to has contributed to more colds and flu that I’ve seen this spring.

The good news is that the levels of radioactive iodine are diminishing, which means that in about three months, it should be broken down into stable elements. Unfortunately, we will be dealing with an increased of radioactive particulates for some time to come.

Dr. David Brownstein is recommending people to stay hydrated (drink plenty of water), eat healthy, take Vitamin C, E, Lipoic acid, and eat plenty of unrefined sea salt (1/2 to 1 tsp per day). He also believes that everyone should stay on 12-13mg of iodine for now.

In addition, I am recommending patients to stay in alignment, because when we are out of alignment, our nervous system is irritated and depresses all body functions. Nutritionally, I am also recommending people get checked on Kreb’s (citric acid) cycle nutrients and Co-enzyme Q10/Ubiquinol.

You may want to avoid working in the rain, use slippers instead of wearing outdoor shoes inside, vacuum more, wash you face (or shower) before going to bed, and wash outdoor clothes more frequently. This will help limit the amount of radioactive dust from accumulating inside your home.

I am continuing to recommend that everyone should be on iodine for at least the next three months.  Details are found in the article that I wrote Radiation Update: April 10.

On a side note, I believe that we should stop granting 20 year licenses to nuclear plants. I believe that temporary licenses should be adequate until we fully understand the implications this nuclear catastrophe.


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