Radiation Levels March 27th Update

Radioactive iodine from the Fukushima nuclear plant has been found in California, Nevada, and now Massachusetts. This has been very small amounts of it and while it poses very little threat, I am still recommending people with low thyroid symptoms to be taking iodine. The situation in Japan is still very serious. Earlier this week, reports of a meltdown or partial meltdown were reported. Some believe that a meltdown explains the “crack” in the concrete that is allowing radioactive water to get into the Pacific ocean.  Radiation continues to be released and it is now entering higher into the atmosphere.  ReaIf you would like me to test you, let me know during your appointment.

Total background radiation levels still appear to be normal, or slightly increased. Again, even if the radiation was double in those areas, it would not be the same amount as the background radiation found naturally in the Denver area.

Unfortunately, the situation at the plant continues to be serious. There are massive amounts of radiation in the area that is interrupting the work there. I expect another bump in levels in the United States here this week. Again, a cause for awareness, and prevention, not for panic. The most that I expect is an increase of 25% in California and undetectable in Colorado.

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