Monitoring Radiation Levels

Reuters is reporting that there is radiation was found in milk and spinach close to the reactor site in Japan.

The New York Times has been running updates on what is happening at each of the reactors. A cause for concern is that reactor number 4 hasn’t been updated since Thursday where the spent fuel pool is dry and emitting radioactive gasses. All other reactors have been updated three times since then. There seems to be a lack of information coming out about reactor number 4 in most of the press. Natural News wrote about it here.

Trace amounts of radiation from Japan were detected in California yesterday, but nothing in the harmful level. This is from the initial leakage. An increase in the radiation levels are expected within the next few days from the explosions that we saw last Saturday, Monday and Tuesday. Radiation from those incidents will arrive as early as this Monday. While I believe that the amounts will still be minimal, I’ve compiled some sites where individuals can monitor radiation levels.

As I’ve mentioned before,, has a real time map that is updated every 3 minutes. I’ve seen spikes as high as the low 80’s for the Denver area, which is normal.

I also found the Online Geiger Counter Radiation Map, which is updated every 15 minutes. It shows a lower radiation level than the Radiation Network, which I believe is due to a larger sampling time and averaging of spikes.

Both of the above sites are independent and not affiliated with the government. The EPA, also has data available to the public.

Finally, there are a couple of live video feeds of geiger counters online:

This is from, they have a geiger counter set up in Santa Monica California, close to Los Angeles. They are doing posting 10 minute average readings throughout the day.

Here is another in Nevada.

Update: Here are a couple of other sites:

UC Berkeley Nuclear Engineering Air Monitoring Station

Washington State Air Monitoring Stations


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