As “increased” radiation hits California: Still no cause for panic.

Drudge and other news sites have been reporting that radiation is expected to hit California on Friday. According to the South Coast Air Quality Management District, Los Angeles’ background radiation levels are about 10-12 microrem/hour. This is equal to 105 millirem/year. Even if headlines blare that  Radiation in Southern California has “DOUBLED” or “TRIPLED” or even “QUADRUPLED!!!”, it will still be less than the background radiation level of Denver, Colorado which is over 1000 millirem/year.

Little headway is being made at the reactor sites in Japan, and there may be a steady release of radiation over the next few weeks. Hopefully any changes we see will be toward  the resolution of this crisis.

If there is a harmful increase in radiation levels, we will have plenty of time before it reaches Ohio. I have seen no significant increases at

As a precaution, I am recommending anyone with low thyroid symptoms such as cold hands and feet, a body temperature less than 98.6, low metabolism and difficult weight loss, to start on an iodine supplement. (Basically, if you need iodine, this is a great time to start taking it). I am muscle testing for iodine need will most patients at this time.  (Please note that I am not talking about iodized salt: I’ve seen people get sick by increasing it.)

Radioactive iodine is not the only radiation particle that people in Japan should be worried about. Fortunately, any radioactive particles are just dust. As a result, a simple decontamination procedure that will rid of 80% of your exposure is by taking off your clothes. (Disposing of them if it is a large exposure, washing them if it is a small exposure.) You can decrease your exposure to 96%, by also showering with soap and shampoo. Source: Decontamination After Radiation Exposure: Simpler Than You May Think.

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