Toxins in Cash and Register Receipts?

A new study shows that Bisphenol A is found not only in cash register receipts,  but is also lurking in our dollar bills. How many of us put our receipts with the cash that we get back? I know I do.

Bisphenol A is a compound commonly found in plastics. It is an estrogen mimicker and can cause hormonal imbalances and early puberty. It can also lead to increased cancer, and alter brain development in children. In males it lowers sperm count. There is also research that links Bisphenol A to heart disease, diabetes and weight gain.

I’ve noticed that Bisphenol A and other estrogen mimickers can play a role in low back pain.

While it may be impossible to completely eliminate any exposure to estrogen mimickers, we can reduce our exposure. Don’t heat plastic in the microwave, stay away from canned food and processed food. Get BPA free water bottles, and finally, search for safe skin care products.

Vitamin E, selenium, wheat germ oil all help us from the bad effects of BPA, plastic and other estrogen mimickers. Also cruciferous vegetables and supplements (kale, broccoli, brussel sprouts etc.) are great for detoxifying for these chemicals.

The receipt paper that I currently use is recycled and Office Max doesn’t think that there is BPA in it, however, I will have BPA free paper within a couple of weeks.

On The Money: New Study Finds Hormone-Disrupting Chemical BPA on 95% of Dollar Bills Tested – Receipts Probable Source

Holiday Shoppers Beware: Toxin From Receipts May Lurk in Cash

Thanks to Cindy for the news tip.

Toxins in Cash and Register Receipts

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