Secretary of State Brenner tell Cuyahoga Election Board to Resign or Be Fired.

The Ohio Secretary of State has called for the resignation of the Board of Election of Cuyahoga.  The board, consisting of two Republicans and two Democrats oversaw the rigged recount process of the 2004 presidential election. Two workers have been convicted in their part of rigging the recount. Both Jordan and I took part in the recount and those of us taking part knew it was rigged. It took a lot of work from Ohio Vigilance and Black Box Voting to get a case to court. Many say that they were covering a larger vote fraud conspiracy. Truthfully the only other explaination is that these people are just plain incompetant. Either way they need to go. We need a fresh start in Cuyahoga. This is not a partisan issue, if we are to have a democracy, elections need to be open and transparent.


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Ohio Vigilance has been working as an oversight group primarily in Cuyahoga County.
Black Box Voting has led charge that electronic voting and democracy don’t mix.

It seem that two of the board members have resigned, but two are still fighting.  Secretary of State Brunner is starting the firing process by filing an official complaint and requesting a hearing. Her complaints against the board:

  • Failure to adopt adequate procedures for election recounts resulting in the felony convictions of two board employees.
  • Failure to manage competently the board’s financial affairs.
  • Failure to ensure the efficient administration of elections in 2004 through 2006.
  • Failure to ensure an acceptable level of performance of voting equipment.
  • Election administration in Cuyahoga County has led to a lack of public confidence in elections in the county.

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Fight Bob, Fight


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