New Fees Starting May 15

Regretfully, I’ve come to the conclusion that I must raise my fees. It’s been 3 1/2 years since I last increased them. In that time, I’ve seen significant increases in expenses. It’s been frustrating to have to juggle bills and dip into savings to meet obligations. There are two ways that a business like mine can increase its income. Raise fees, and see more clients.  Currently, I spend at least 20 minutes with each patient, and most sessions are 30 minutes or longer. 

Years ago, I tried seeing patients every 15 minutes. Four patients an hour. While I made a lot that year, I was constantly missing things with my patients, I wasn’t giving them the care that I felt they needed, and I was miserable.  Many chiropractors spend 10 minutes or less with patients, but I don’t want to practice that way. I like spending time with each of you and problem-solving.

I know that any price increase is not easy for many of you, and this one is not insignificant. My rates will increase by (at most) 10%, and, while this is a big jump, it’s less than 3% per year since I last raised my rates.  I appreciate all of you who have stuck with us and hope you will continue.

~Dr. Michael

Chiropractic ServicesFeeMedicare*
Initial X-Rays$230$230
1st Adjustment$365$327
Office Visit (Follow-Up Visits)$93$55
Reactivation (1-5 Years since the last visit.)$220$182
U.C. Transfer Patients w/X-rays (Initial Exam and Adjustment)$345$307
Nutritional ServicesFee
Initial Nutrition Visit$270
3 Week Follow-Up Nutrition Visit$160
Additional Nutritional Follow-Up Visits$93
Combination Nutrition Chiro Follow-Up$135 $97
*Medicare Patients: Once deductibles have been met. You may be billed for the portion not paid by insurance.
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