Ohio Board of Health Covid Data Website Corrupted

Update 4-14-23. The website is now fixed and has accurate data. I think that they were reporting hospitalizations where new cases should have been.

On a weekly basis, I’ve been gathering data on new Covid cases found in Cuyahoga County through the Ohio Board of Health’s website. Tonight while I was collecting data, I realized that data was incomplete for the previous week, reporting a fraction of cases that I had recorded from the previous week. I then looked at the data for March, and currently, the Ohio Board of Health has fewer Covid Cases than reported hospitalizations. They are recording 224 cases for March. Data that I collected on a weekly basis covered from March 1st through March 28 showed 3022 cases. This was data that I had previously collected from the Ohio Board of Health on a weekly basis. The city of Cleveland reports 972 cases in the four weeks ending on March 25. I’ve contacted the Ohio Board of Health and will report back when I get an update.

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