Splenda worse than I thought

In my new patient class, (which is free and open to the public), I have stated that Splenda (trade name for sucralose) while still worse for you than sugar, wasn’t as bad as Nutrasweet splenda.thumbnail.jpg(aspartame).  New information shows that Splenda is worse than I thought.

According to a recent study on rats, those that were fed Splenda became fatter. It seems that Splenda kills off the beneficial bacteria in the intestines, altering ph balance, and even hindering food absorption. Also, Splenda will keep drugs for cancer, heart, and AIDs patients from being absorbed by the patient.

My final verdict is that Splenda, like Nutrasweet/aspartame, should be avoided at all cost.

New Study of Splenda and Sucralose Reveals Shocking New Information About Potential Harmful Effect on Humans

To the FDA: Heed Citizens For Health’s Petition. Revoke Splenda!

New Study of Splenda Reveals Shocking Information About Potential Harmful Effects

Splenda worse than I thought

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