Threats to small farms and farmers markets part II

Evidently H.R. 875 is dead. However there are other bills coming up that may be even worse. In my earlier article I alluded to the NAIS bills that seem to be going forward.

HR 1332 would put a lot of small farms out of business because of table to restaurant record keeping of produce and meat.

H.R. 814 would establish a National Animal Identification System

H.R. 759  is similar to H.R. 1332, in that it would require electronic tracking of all meat and produce.

Cost of some of these bills would put small farms out of business. Large commercial agriculture would be fine because of economies of scale and lots of over 1000 animals would be counted and traced as one lot rather than per animal.

The attacks on small farms are real need to be stopped.

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Threats to small farms and farmers markets part II

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