Food Drive 2010

December 4th – 10th


This year I will be taking care of established patient on the Saturday December 4th before food drive week.

Returning Patients Saturday, December 4th:
All returning patients can come in that day and get a visit for one bag of groceries!  Returning patients include those that have had the first adjustment visit and x-rays.

Monday, December 6th through Friday, December 10th:
All new
patients will receive a new patient exam and x-rays for One Bag Of
Groceries!  That’s history, consultation, and physical exam (50-60
different orthopedic, chiropractic, and neurological tests).  Normally
this initial visit costs $245!

All food will go to the Cleveland Food Bank:

The mission of the Cleveland Food bank is to alleviate hunger by providing food and support to agencies that feed the hungry.

One million Ohio children regularly don’t get enough to eat.  Research shows that hungry children have more health problems, exhibit more disruptive behavior, score lower on achievement tests.  You can help.

The six most needed food items are: peanut butter, cereal, canned soup, canned vegetables, beef stew and tuna fish.

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