Here’s to You Mr. Robinson: Plastic Part 2

0703np365.jpgNew research indicates that plastic wrappers and plastic liners for paper and boxes, designed to protect greasy food can enter the food and break down into harmful chemicals affecting the liver, hormonal system, fetal development, and the immune system. Some of the main culprits are microwavejemm_deluxebeef.jpg popcorn, butter and candy (chocolate) wrappers, foods with butter and margarine, as well as foods that contain an emulsifier such as soy bean lecithin, liners for frozen pizza, boxes for frozen burgers, as well as bags for muffins and french fries.

I am coming to believe that this is an important piece for some people with chronic back pain. These plastics interrupt the hormonal system in both men and women, creating a weakness in the inner thigh muscles on both sides. This weakness causes the sacrum to be unsupported allowing it to shift downward creating pain.

I’ve noticed this pattern for a couple of years now, but now I think that I’m starting to understand the cause.

PFOA in People
Food wrappers may be an important, overlooked source of perfluorochemicals in humans.

Via Treehugger

Beware the Food Wrappers


“Plastic” is the field that Mr. Robinson told Dustin Hoffman’s character to enter in The Graduate.

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